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We know. College requires a significant investment of time and money.

At the Institute of Aviation, it’s worth it.

Along with professional preparation, college is about coming into your own and becoming the best you can be. The programs at the Institute of Aviation drive you hard, but allow you to be you, and reward you for your efforts.

Once you find a position and start moving up in your aviation career, your salary increases exponentially over the years. And that translates to high return on investment.

Some other ways you find value at the Institute:

High-quality instruction

  • We train the instructors at other programs

Lower cost

  • Our tuition can be $50K+ less expensive than other flight schools

Great options after program completion

  • Get guaranteed admission to the University of Illinois through our Pathways program
  • Transfer to another 4-year school
  • Obtain an airline job

Faster path to employment

  • Get to an airline job 2 years faster than other paths 
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