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Need a way to keep track of the application process?

Here’s a quick guide.

For Admission Consideration, students must complete the following
☐ Submit an application to Parkland
☐ Send your official high school/college transcripts to Parkland
☐ Current University of Illinois students: Complete concurrent enrollment form
☐ Apply for financial aid
☐ Wait for your letter of acceptance (takes about 2 weeks)
☐ Complete and submit your medical exam (see checklist below)
☐ Complete assessment exams
☐ International students: Complete TSA screening
☐ Attend a Parkland College orientation session
☐ Meet your academic advisor
☐ Activate your My.Parkland account
☐ Register for classes (if permitted)
☐ Pay or sign up for your payment plan of tuition & fees
☐ Get your student ID
☐ Get ready to fly!

For Medical Exam
☐ Create an account
☐ Answer the survey questions (this is basically an application for your pilot certificate)
☐ Take your assigned code to the physician (they’ll use that code to look up your info)
☐ Provide a copy of your medical certificate to your Parkland advisor. The medical certificate must be received before you may register for aviation courses.

For TSA Clearance & Student Pilot Certificate (Driver's license to fly)
☐ Make appointment with the Institute of Aviation
☐ Bring Driver license and original birth certificate or valid passport to appointment
☐ International students: Complete finger printing arranged by Institute of Aviation
☐ International students: Provide a copy of a valid passport and current visa/permanent citizenship verification.

If you need more assistance, give us a call: 217/353-2171.

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